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Linode Hosting giving away $100 credit to new accounts

Hey there, I just signed up with Linode because they’re giving away $100 credit for their VPS Web Hosting Service. The prices are pretty good, but at least the credit will give you a chance to try out their plans for free. I’m already liking it better than Dreamhost.

To get the promo just sign up for any of their services before their $250,000 pot runs out.

By using my links here you’ll get the $100 credit and I’ll get a $20¬†referral¬†bonus. Win-Win situation if you ask me.

Have a great domain name idea? Avoid

I’m so annoyed this morning that I have to dust off my 4-year old blog which I haven’t posted on in 2-years, to give you a word of caution.

I had a great idea for a website and I went to what was once my favorite domain research tool The domain showed up as available, nice. I went to register the domain on my webhost, and it was available there too. After I went to complete the purchase the domain was, what? UNAVAILABLE?
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Wamu Investors Rally to Fight Short Sellers

Die-hard investors of the beleaguered bank are fighting hard to keep Washington Mutual out of the pockets of greedy short sellers.

Short sellers are notorious for artificially driving down stock prices of otherwise healthy companies — or at least companies that have a fighting chance to pull out of murky waters.

The downfall of financial firms including AIG, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, including the downward pressure on WaMu and Morgan Stanley are widely beleived to have been at the mercy of unscrupulous short sellers.
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Nuns Make a Run for the Bank (WM)

A large group of so-called “nudist colony nuns” — names withheld — have emptied out their collective coin jars to put together a compelling offer for WM.

Bolstered by the recent surge in Nude Tellers and accompanying lines of customers aching to put their money where the nudists are, the Nuns released in a statement this afternoon –”We think their brand is moving in a direction that is consistent with the ideals that are at the very heart and soul of nudism. By EOD tomorrow we hope to have not only refitted all WaMu ATMs with a new pro-nude logo, but to also have equipped all WaMu branches with an army of Nude tellers to encourage increased deposits. ”

Story from CNBC

**dont believe everything you read at CNBC**

Thanks =)

Yawn, Stretch, Six Figures Club

*Taps on the screen*

You know, salvo the 90 or so comments I have sitting in my inbox here this place has been rather quiet. Ah well, it’s just me being me. I thought I’d come by and say hello, just in case you’ve missed me. I’ve missed you too.
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