80th Carnival of Debt Reduction

Without further ado, and no bells and whistles, the often immitated but never duplicated blog posts for the 80th Carnival of Debt Reduction.

Single Ma is Giving away various prizes to individuals that are able to rid themselves of the most debt by December 2007!

And in no particular order:


Debt & Credit
Amy Pedersen presents Credit Score and Credit History Have a Deep Connection posted at Your Credit Score Secrets.

Priya Jestin presents Live without Credit Cards: 77 Tips posted at Credit Card Lowdown.

Mr Credit Card presents Prioritizing Your Bills in Your Debt Reduction Efforts posted at Ask Mr Credit Card’s Blog.

Sarah Winfrey presents How to follow a budget without breaking down in tears posted at Wisebread Finance.

Jeffrey Strain presents The Dangers Of Leaving A Bank Account Open posted at Personal Finance Advice.

King of Debt presents Keep Little Motivational Items Around Your House posted at We’re In Debt.


Silicon Valley Blogger presents The Only 3 Reasons Why People Go Bankrupt posted at The Digerati Life.

Stephanie presents Limited Resources and Hard Choices posted at Stop the Ride!.

Marshall Middle presents How NOT to spend your money. posted at How to Make a Million Dollars.


Real Estate
bluntmoney presents Paying down the mortgage posted at Blunt Money.

Phil presents To Rent or Own? « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity.

nickel presents More Thoughts About Refinancing Our Mortgage posted at fivecentnickel.com.

FMF presents Should a Tax Deduction Keep You from Pre-Paying Your Mortgage? posted at Free Money Finance.


Thanks to everyone who contributed! Don’t forget to (submit to and) check out the #81 Carnival of Debt Reduction next week!!