13 Money Superstitions!

What better way to acknowledge some of the unreasonable thoughts about money we tend to have by reviewing some of the money rituals and superstitions of various cultures! I’ve scoured the internets for your delight, and found no less than 12 old wives tales and twisted them with some of my own prose. One of them of course (the 13th) I made up! Can you guess which? May luck and profits come your way!


  1. Find a penny, pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck!
  2. Pick up matches burnt and frayed, instead of leaving them you’ll get paid!
  3. Peel an onion burn the skin, play the lotto, sure to win!
  4. Shooting stars are rare indeed, but if you happen to see one say “money” times 3.
  5. Spot a bubble in the rain, and ah, what the hell you’ll get money.
  6. Put a penny wrapped in paper, keep it to avoid your debtors.
  7. Write with a green pen whenever you can, and profits will flow right from your hand.
  8. Give a wallet filled with cash, but whoa your friends are sure to crash!
  9. Itchy hands? Make sure it’s right! Don’t scratch unless you want some plight. But if it’s left then scratch away, and lesser money ye shall pay!
  10. A bee on your head means greatness your way, but one in your hand and riches will rain.
  11. Dividends increase! the first dollar you pay; if then at first, upon it you spray (spit).
  12. Praise to the gods with corn fruits and wheat, lay them near money and riches you’ll reap
  13. Poo on your head, your lucky indeed; follow the bird you’ll get money with speed!

Yeah don’t kick me in the head for this but I’m seriously having writers block today lol. Come on amuse me a little these are kind of fun arent they? lol


4 thoughts on “13 Money Superstitions!

  1. gidgets

    The penny has to be heads up for it to be a lucky penny. Don’t pick up a tails penny.

    Also, i think 9 or 13 is yours.

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