Festival of Frugality #74

Festival of Frugality 74 is finally here. Lots and lots of great posts. –I was going to do an excellent mother’s day theme, but the lack of related posts left me wanting. Anyway, forgive my tardiness, life is throwing me a number of curve balls at the moment. (Including my computer being hosed and me having to type this carnival up from my cell phone) Nonetheless, it gives me great pleasure to share with you the FoF74; please enjoy these great articles:

***Our picks are denoted here with a »

+ Featured Blogger!
Proof that you don’t have to be a pfblogger to talk about money. A frugally minded mother herself:
» Melanie @ Galavanized [Bottled Water a Farce: Consumer Fad Finally Ending!]

+ Editor’s Theme
In the spirit of Mother’s Day I encouraged participants to talk about frugality and moms!
» SVB @ The Digerati Life [... How Much Do You Pay For Sentiment?]
» ispf @ Grad Money Matters [5 Gifts for Mom That Won't Ever Go Out of Fashion]
» Golbguru @ Money, Matter, and More Musings [Bulk Is Not Always Frugal ...]

+ From the Editor
A curious topic — is it ok to charge your ‘roommates’ more than what you pay? Add to the discussion:
» Millionster [Leveraging My Lease to Pay Only $140 a Month]
» Millionster [If You Knew That Apples Only Cost 4 Cents]


Grocery Shopping

Frugalbabe talks about her family’s food budget, and how to eat and live healthy for cheaper.
» [Healthy Food On A Bootstring] FB @ Frugal Babe
[Shopping at Costco; The Frugal Way] Tushar @ Life of a Resident Alien
[10 Ways to Get More For Your Grocery Dollar] Brett @ The Frugal Law Student
[Day 385: Stop & Shop Versus Whole Foods] King of Debt @ We’re In Debt

Love & Dating
Kevin shares his insight on how to have the ultimate cheap date.
» [33 Ideas for Dating Frugally] Kevin @ Becoming & Staying Debt Free

General Frugality & Saving
The Frugalist shares an exhaustive guide to being frugal, it’s all about the ants.
» [The Frugality Cheat Sheet: 147 Tiny Tips ...] The Frugalist @ Instant Credit Card
[How To Sell Baby Clothes On eBay] NCN @ No Credit Needed
[How to Get Out of Debt Fast] Ken @ Kennubo
[18 Ways to Save on a Small Income] FMF @Free Money Finance
[How Frugal Are You? The Baseball Photo Test] Mr CC @ Ask Mr Credit Card
[Funky Frugalities] Andy @ Tight Fisted Miser
[How to Save Money in College] Ted @ CampusGrotto College Blog

Frugal at Home
Stephanie demonstrates how nature can help us be frugal at home
» [Not Your Average Flower Pot] Stephanie @ Stop the Ride!
[How to Lower Your Pet Costs] plus6 @ Plus6 Personal Finance
[Making Banana Pancakes] Jenn @ Frugal Upstate
[Real Estate Decline? Reduce One's Property Tax] SS @ My Wealth Builder
[How to Avoid Being Audited When ... Self Employed] Jimmy @ Ask the Advisor
[... Reduce Homeowners Insurance Premiums] inswatch @ Home Ins. Guide



David gives motorist a solution to high gas prices.
» [Get Free Gasoline For ... Advertisements On Your Car] David @ My Two Dollars
[The Dark Side of Fuel Efficiency] Wenchypoo @ Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket
[WWYD? Cheat With Octane] Moorea @ QueerCents

Eye Wear Obsession
Amy says National Chains don’t always have the best deals.
» [Don't Let Buying Eye Wear Rob You Blind ...] Amy @ Personal Finance Advice
[The Simple Dollar's Guide To Eyeglasses] Trent @ The Simple Dollar

Improverism Consumerism
Shadox tells us how to get cheap tickets and accomodations.
» [Saving Money on Vacation] Shadox @ Money and Such
[You Never Know What You'll Find at a Yard Sale] Jim @ MightyBargainHunter
[How to Get High End Building Materials For Free] Steve @ Debt Free
[Zazzle Coupons And Promo Codes] FIRE Finance @ FIRE Finance

Thank you to everyone who participated in the #74 edition of the Festival of Frugality! Don’t forget to submit your articles to FoF75 hosted next week at Get Rich Slowly!

Yes this is the first carnival done via mobile. I’m a pro. haha.

14 thoughts on “Festival of Frugality #74

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  2. Melanie

    Juan, thank you so much for the win! It means a lot to be recognized on Millionster as it’s such a quality site. :) I especially LOVE the pic with Aidan and me — as he’s my biggest water drinker around here!

    I can’t wait to go through and get a million other ideas (obviously) on frugality, as there is always some other way to get some more bang for your buck! I think it will take a good couple of days to go through them all. It looks like some fantastic stuff. What a great brainstorm on thriftiness!

    This made my week! I appreciate it. It means a lot. :)

    Melanie @ Galvanized

  3. 1mil Post author

    @Melanie — **blushes** quality site was it? Now you made my week hehe. I wouldn’t have run across that water bottle thing if you hadn’t mentioned it. I should tell you that I secretly hoard water bottles to use at the gym, but ever since your discussion, I’ve thought twice about it. w00t!

    You’re such a blogoholic haha. I always like reading your stuff ^_^

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  6. 1mil Post author

    @tDL – Aww thanks ^_^. I’m just happy to be able to hos! So many things going on right now — I can’t believe i missed the 100th ed of CoPF. I was so disappointed. Ah well. Thank you for paying attention to the theme haha!

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  9. 1mil Post author

    @Globguru – ^_^ Funny guy, how was I supposed to know?

    @Brandon – MMmm, well I’m glad you think Ye Ole Millionster is linkworthy! hehe. Ah well, when I’m ready to update the Bank Roll I’ll let you know.

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